Friday, August 24, 2018

Short hair cuts which are more suitable for face types?

In fact, experts have set a rule to determine whether a short hairstyle or short hair cuts are appropriate for your face. They call this rule the " 5.5 cm rule." This is a rule discovered by famous Hair Products Brand John Frieda hair stylists. Of course, they have done a lot of research to reach this conclusion and have come up with this rule. So what is this 5.5 cm rule ?


It's actually a magic measure for this rule. A pencil and ruler you need to measure. What you need to do is place a pencil horizontally to the point where your jaw ends. Place the ruler vertically, starting from the ground when your ear is finished. And measure this distance. If this length is shorter than 5.5 cm, short hairstyle is very suitable for you, long hairstyle will be a better option for you if it is longer than 5.5 cm.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

5 different collection shapes for short hair

We all love Bob, the latest trend-cutting haircut model. Inspired by fame, this short hairstyle, which allows us to look effortlessly cool, is inspired by how we can shape it.


Hair accessories, which we have seen so many varieties in the last period, can help you to collect your hair.


You can not make a perfect ballerina ball with your short hair. But the perfect ballerina knobs are no longer boring anymore. Instead, gather your hair by rubbing it from the top so that some of your hair is out.


Try to knit in the middle so that your short hair can not literally weave.


Or make up like Miran Kerr on both sides.


The most favorite model among these five different hairstyles was this hair, which was worn with random wire clasps of Selena Gomez!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Short Hair Color Trends for Summer Months

With the coming summer months, the clothes will be colored, skin care, solariums will take their heads. For the summer bomb-like entrance, the hair that gets darker throughout the winter will also attract great trends to stand out. The women who prefer the most suitable hair for themselves will not stay with the blast, but will guarantee the place in memory for a year. Let's see what trends women will follow this summer!

Flamed Copper

A never-before-seen trend line from a trend list that does not stretch for a moment! Fire does not look like a shawl as long as the energy flares up on women. Especially in the summer months, with the support of the sun, the red hair, which greatly increases its effect, is also eaten by the photographer with the addition of copper color bales. The hair does not stop this summer.


Chocolate coffee hair color

Can we say no to chocolate? And imagine that the coffee of chocolate is in her hair! If you prefer a chocolate coffee hair color that matches every skin tone, I'm sure you will not regret it!
I want to have hair that is far from classical but of good quality, beyond the ordinary, but natural in itself! She does not compromise on quality, but she does not like the aesthetic wonder of her appearance, which has lost her function and totally distanced from her spiritually. The main thing for him is that what exists in nature gains a more aesthetic appearance with little touches. In this case, the plum blossom of your auburn hair can not be expected to paint a raven sigh!


Ash coffee

This season is one of the hair color trends


Copper tone


Platin Hair


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rising Short Yellow Hair Models

bob cut hair


Famous actress Jennifer Lawrence's light yellow hair color and short, cut cut, '' bob '' hairstyle that we call suits! Using this straight cut from front to back, you can create an elegant look.

Floating long bob


This season, trendy haircuts, long bob, when used in wavy style, there is such a moving look at work! It is enough to shape your hair with a broad-tipped claw to give a wavy look to this haircut, which is also very good with platinum-yellow hair.

Folded and movable short haircut


If you think your short hair is voluminous and lifeless, you can cut it into long, short folds that start from the front of your hair and extend backwards to add motion to them.

Percutaneous short haircut


You can be inspired by Zendaya's haircut for a hair cut that has the back of the hair completely short, only the front and sides of which are slightly longer.

Do boys like girls with short hair ?

Do boys like girls with short hair ? 

Short Hair.

I think the attraction of a girl's hair is short.

You might be thinking what kind of a story I was talking about shortly.

I'm talking about exactly this length:

If a girl's hair is less than the shoulders, the attraction is much less.

So think of the length limit of the hair as shoulders.

The length of your hair should reach the shortest shoulders.

This is the minimum shortcoming, by the way. Normally it should be LONGER than this.

If you do not want to be a man who really likes you in your life, all you have to do is cut your hair too short.

So collective and short hair does not appeal to men.

Do-boys-like-girls with-short-hair

Short hair can fit every hundred times, but I think it is necessary to choose the right hairstyle. I think people who have a lot of weight do not use short hair, because short hair shortening volume makes a person overweight more overweight. For example, if it is too long, short hair should not be used because it is longer. On the contrary, it is also a plus for short boats.

Long hair is not short-lived, so anyone with a normal standard of size will fit. Long hair is more careful than short hair, but if you ask what you prefer,

Do-boys-like-girls with-short-hair

In summary, most of the men like to see women in alaturka, but why not they will not come back from looking modern and contemporary. Long hair is always a capital for women. When you go to the dressing, you have an alternative to make more models. The shortening of the woman's hair makes it easier to maintain, but alternatives to modeling are also reduced. For example, you can not make a hair from the top to a shorter length than a certain length.

Do-boys-like-girls with-short-hair

Do-boys-like-girls with-short-hair

Do-boys-like-girls with-short-hair

Benefits of Short Hair For Women

Benefits of short hair For Women

It is generally accepted as a hairstyle that is more often used by courageous and courageous women. Of course, as a short-haired person, I am talking about comfort for now;

In the middle of summer due to its length, you will not burn.


This is one of the most unbearable things in the summer months. It's a matter of getting used to an obvious problem. Here is the most beautiful short hair, there is no such trouble in a short time. Neck open and airy :)

You will be prepared more quickly for sudden invitations


I would never get out of my hair when my friends called out without my consent. I was prepared for 2 hours. But I feel ready to go out whenever my hair is short. Easy to make, easy to shape.

You do not have to work for hours, and you get a cooler look in a short time. You can shape very quickly and you are ready to snap.

It adds a lot of other air and charm to a decent woman


I say it for women who suits your face seriously. It gives a very different air and charm to the female short hair. It does not look good, but it suits you well. Short hair is known to be extraordinary. So it comes with appeal and interest.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Short And Modern Hairstyles


Everyone hello,
These moments draw short hair. No shaping for long hours, ideal for showering. There are many questions about whether short hair is easy to use. It is very easy to use for those who have short hair. And the other problem is that I will be able to cope with the hair, and that is the hardest. This shipment has several hairstyles and usage suggestions for short hairstyles.


I have been using short hair for many years, I say short hair care and shaping is more difficult than long hair.

For short hair models, we can say that for women, the day becomes widespread and becomes trendy, and the number of women who have short hair cuts with ease and ease of care is increasing. In our gallery you can especially see the short hair photographs of 2018 fashion in recent pictures.